The Balance: Involvement & Academics

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If you have ever stepped foot on or near The University of Georgia’s campus, you know just how bustling and lively the dawg community can be. With over 700 different registered student organizations and 6,319* undergraduate courses offered, students are constantly on the go.

Eating tons (and tons) of Bolton chocolate chip cookies, watching movies at Tate, cheering on the dawgs at sporting events, volunteering in the Athens community, and hanging out with friends under the shade of the big trees on North Campus are just a few of the things that you might find a UGA student doing from day to day.

However, life at UGA is also all about finding balance. Finding the balance amongst the responsibilities of being an organization member, being a dedicated dawg fan, and being a studious student is one of the biggest hurdles new students face. Yet, it seems that year after year UGA students only get more involved on campus and only excel further in the classroom.

In order to help see this action, the data concerning organizational involvement this year and credit hours dating all the way back to summer 2015 is visualized below.

*This number is from The University of Georgia’s Registrar office regarding the number of undergraduate courses offered for the Spring 2017 term.

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