From West To East: The Students Who Are Making Athens Home

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Becoming a part of the community that exists in Athens, Georgia is truly an incredible experience. The relationship that blossoms between the new and old “Athenians” is a unique, strong bond that lasts a lifetime. But to truly understand this extraordinary relationship, it’s important to take a look at the communities these newcomers are saying goodbye to.

To do this, we analyzed data collected by The University of Georgia concerning state of origin for the freshman classes from 2011 to 2016. What we found was extremely fascinating and has helped us to further understand the special relationship that exists between UGA students and the people of Athens.

As you can see in the visualization below, UGA students are quite literally coming from all over the country.

Here are a few observations we made:

♦ While the Southeast appears to be the largest region from which UGA students are coming, states like California, New York, and Illinois have also had thousands of stuents leave home to become dawgs.
♦ Massachusetts, home of Harvard University and Northeastern University, has had more students than the states of Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota combined come to UGA in the past five years. This is despite a population difference of around 6 million for Massachusetts and 10 million for the other states combined.
♦ Over the past five years, California has had more people choose UGA than Georgia’s neighbor, Alabama.

As you can see, data can show us things and teach us things about ourselves that we might not ever notice. Take a look at the graph above and see what stories you uncover.

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