Which stories?

Big UGA takes a look at the journey of a UGA student, from start to finish. Beginning with acceptance, Big UGA visualizes data concerning things like:
♦ Acceptance rates
♦ Stats about incoming freshmen
♦ Freshmen high school GPA's
♦ SAT/ACT test scores
♦ Demographics
♦ Number of AP/IB classes taken in high school

What's it like being a dawg? Big UGA delves into the data to describe student life at The University of Georgia by visualizing :
♦ Number of courses offered
♦ Undergraduate class demographics
♦ Amount of student organizations
♦ Average credit hours taken in different majors

Once a dawg, always a dawg. Check out some blog posts to see where UGA graduates are most likely to adventure to next! Here's a sneak peek of top employers of UGA graduates in 2016:
1. Aon
2. AT&T
3. Banfield Pet Hospital
4. CDC
5. Chick-fil-a

States of Origin

Data 1101

Big UGA's here to guide you through the data. Check out these instructions on how to download the data sets for a blog post, as well as how to navigate the dashboards embedded into each post.